How To File: Apply For A Tax Extension 2018 - 2019

Electronic Income Tax Filing

TurboTax Electronic Income Tax Filing

HR Block Electronic Income Tax Filing

Choosing the right company for your electronic income tax filing is the most important step to insuring yourself a good tax preparation experience. Not all tax software brands deliver intuitive stress free filing.

As surveys have shown year after year, there are two top choices for best tax filing programs that continue to top the sales charts as well as consumer approval for fully guided step-by-step preparation.

TurboTax continues to rank as the #1 selling online electronic income tax filing programs every year. As the leader in online sales, TurboTax continues to improve programming every year to insure they continue to hold that position.

With intuitive guidance that seeks out every deduction possible, you can rest assured that their biggest refund guarantee will come true for you too, I'm sure of it!

H&R Block is another great brand that comes in as the #2 top selling brand for online filing. Plus, on top of that, HR Block continues to be the largest organization for local tax preparation by professionals.

With thousands of offices around the country as well as oversees, they have a wealth of tax knowledge to draw on for developing and continually improving on their top notch online electronic income tax filing software.

It should come as no surprise that the top two finishers are in fact the top two market leaders in annual sales. These competitors are way ahead of the competition when it comes to fully guided, easy to use income tax filing software. Simply put, your guided every step of the way to more deductions, write-offs and tax breaks, that are all part of how these brands get you the biggest tax refund possible.

Try one of these top two companies for your electronic income tax filing this tax season and I promise you won't be disappointed.

Many tax filers will file a Federal tax return even though their income on is below the filing requirement threshold for required reporting. This can be an unnecessary burden on yourself and the government.

Changing your paycheck withholding so that you do not have to file an unnecessary return will save both you and the IRS from the loss of time and money in preparing and processing an unnecessary tax return.

There are many factors that will help you determine if you need to file a Federal Income Tax return or if you should adjust your paycheck withholding so that you will not have a large refund or tax liability that requires you to file a return.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) provides information as a customer service outreach service to help reduce taxpayer burden as well as to help reduce unnecessary processing costs.

Tax Program Choices

Free Editions: First off,  are you looking for a low cost tax solution?, are you a renter?, do you typically file a 1040ez. If this is you, then you will be able to use one of the Free electronic income tax filing programs. That means you'll be able to complete your federal electronic tax filing and efile it for free. Cool right?

Basic Editions: Do you have children? Do you have deductible expenses? Are you a homeowner? Use one of the Basic program. These programs will still have free filing for the federal forms.

Deluxe Editions: Do you investments or retirement income? or sales gains or losses from stocks and bonds or mutual funds? Deluxe tax software programs will work for your situation.

Premium / Premier Editions: Do you have rental income? Are you self-employed? Electronic income tax filing programs will meet your tax needs.

Home & Business Editions: Choose one of these for all the advantages of the above editions, plus, Business income tax filing support software.